Вышел GNAT GPL 2011 с новыми вкусностями.

We are pleased to announce the release of GNAT GPL 2011, the integrated
Ada, C, and C++ toolset for Academic users and FLOSS developers.
This new edition provides many new features and enhancements in all
areas of the technology. The most notable ones are:

 - improved support for Ada 2012 
 - enhanced versions of tools 
    - GPS 5.0 enhanced IDE (improved support for C/C++, more powerful
      source editing, better usability, ….),
    - GtkAda (new widgets, interface to the Cairo graphics library)
 - more flexible and more efficient project manager tool
 - support for unloading Ada plug-ins
 - improved support for Ada constructs on the .NET platform
 - more detailed exception messages (-gnateE switch)
 - complete support for Lego MINDSTORMS hardware, including audio and
   I2C sensors

GNAT GPL 2011 comes with version 5.0.1 of the GNAT Programming Studio
IDE and GNATbench 2.5.1, the GNAT plug-in for Eclipse.

GNAT GPL 2011 can be downloaded from the "Download" section on

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  1. Скажите, Александр. Вы учились программировать на Ада с нуля, не зная никаких языков или перешли на него с какого-то другого языка?
    Насколько сложно было освоить язык?